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10 Meals Pack $69


If you are looking to change your diet on a budget, look no further – our 10 meals pack is an essential buy for those who love our meals, but are uncomfortable spending the price tag for some of the other meal plans.  This plan does not skimp on quality or value – it delivers the essential core meals at a price tag that can have you eating The Diet Factory at only $400/month!  We defy you to prove you spend that or less at the current moment.  With this budget dieting plan, you’ll have enough money left over for a weekend “cheat day” going out to eat with your friends!

Complete with buttered chicken, seasonal veggies, sweet potato shepherd’s pie, penne pasta salad, and creamy chicken risotto, your taste buds and pocketbook will both be saying “thank you” as you notice yourself dropping kilos a week.  If you are looking for low-cost options or an entry-level meal plan, The Diet Factory put together this bundle just for you!

Pro-tip: Supplement these lunch and dinner items with banana and cinnamon oatmeal in the morning; also check out the prices on our 5 day deluxe snack packs!  They pair perfectly with this 10 meal pack

Meals included in this deal,

Al's Butter Chicken X 2

Cashews Chicken & Veg X 2

Tuna Casserole Bake X 2

Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie X 2

Penne Chicken Pasta Salad X 1

Creamy Chicken Risotto X 1

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