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Dairy free plan 7/5 days

This meal plan goes out to all of our lactose-intolerant customers out there!  And let us tell you, there are more lactose-intolerant people than you think.  It is estimated roughly 65% of the population has trouble digesting dairy products!  Trust us, we were surprised at the startling figure, too.  Thus, we had our doctors, dieticians, and chefs help us whip up our Dairy Free Plan!  Not skimping on flavour, this meal plan has many company favourites – without the lasagnas and raviolis that would give major indigestion to lactose intolerant folks.  We instead opt for savoury cuisines like slow cooked Chana Dahl – a staple in Muslim-Indian households around the world!

However, the benefits of this dairy free diet go beyond helping those with lactose-intolerance.  Even if you are lactose-friendly, cutting dairy from of one’s diet can lead to healthy, rapid weight loss and increased vitality of crucial biomarkers – why?  Cheese and milk, while delicious and important to a vegetarian diet, contain excess amounts of saturated fat and sugar.  By removing these toxins from your diet, you restore your body’s acid/alkaline balance, leading to more consistent energy while you drop the weight!  If you have any further questions about the benefits of a dairy-free diet, give us a call or send an email our way today!


10 Healthy Meals ( Dairy Free & Gluten Free )

1 x Kashmiri Style Beef Curry w/ Basmati Rice & Steamed Greens

1 x Poached Citrus Chicken w/ Warm Spiced Sweet Potato & Lentil Salad

2 x Chickpea and Veg Curry with Rice

1 x Coconut Chicken Curry w/ Lemon Grass Rice & Steamed Greens

1 x Roast Chicken, Lemon & Thyme w/ Seasonal Vegetables & Pan Jus

1 x Cranberry, Pepita & Brown Rice w/ Poached Chicken Breast

2 x Slow cooked Chana Dahl served with  Brown Rice

1 x Lamb Kumara & Almond Curry w/ Steamed Rice & Spinach

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