About Us


The diet factory was established in 1981. We Specialise in Calorie controlled meal plans. The diet factory was first to start delivering calorie controlled weight loss plans in Australia and New Zealand. Our plant is based in Brisbane and we are servicing our clients through out  QLD, NSW, ACT, and VIC in Australia.


We are all about great food that is healthy, tasty, portion controlled, conveniently delivered and most importantly without any preservatives or additives. 


Our Range 

Weightloss Meal Plans - 1200 Calories intake per day Weightloss plans designed by Dieticians and cooked by our chefs are also available  in Dairy Free/Gluten Free options.


Healthy Inside - Our 'showcase' plan, delivering you a diverse variety of meals.


 Vegetarian- Our vegetarian meal plans are based on the Ovo-lacto vegetarian diet.  


 Pescatarian- Our vegetarian meals prepped with local delicious seafood. Our chef has created a delicious menu for you to enjoy everyday. Leave the prep and cooking to us.


  Hi Protein- Low in carbohydrates can assist weight loss and also with certain gastrointestinal issues such as IBS and SIBA where a low carb diet is recommended.


 Lunch & Dinner Packages- Whether you live on your own, or are part of a busy couple. Coming home late at night or simply don't feel like cooking. Our packages are the perfect alternative. Completely Guilt Free!


 Dairy Free- Our dairy free meal pack combines all the delicious ingredients from our other packs without the dairy.


 Vegan- A delicious selection of vegan meals are now available in our Vegan Meal Pack!


 Gluten Free- We have 100% Gluten Free option for our meals. GF Diet excludes the elastic protein found in grains, such as wheat, barley, rye and triticale ( a cross between wheat and rye). Benefits include better digestive health, increased energy and reduced bloating, to name a few. they're impressive benefits when you're a busy person! And Just because its GF, doesn't mean the taste suffers.. in fact we're sure you won't even be able to tell the difference! 

All of our Meals are made from Halal ingredients, We do not have any Non - Halal products for sale in our store.