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Halal Family package 28 Meals

We consider this option the “big kahuna” for families – 28 whole meals for only $238!!  At $8.50 per meal, this is one of the best value options the Diet Factory has to offer.  We want you to picture, as a family, the cumulative amount of time spent planning meals, buying groceries, preparing the meal, serving it, and cleaning up after.  For some customers (especially stay-at-home Moms or Dads), these errands can add up to literally 10+ hours a week!  Imagine cutting all those chores out of your life by getting restaurant quality meals for your entire family – delivered right to your door!

Happy customers report that no only did they open up time for new hobbies due to all the time saved not planning, shopping, prepping, and cleaning, but their children became happy little angels!  Kids love the flavourful food, and it more than fills them up due to the high fibre content of our dishes.  With childhood obesity a problem in developed nations, offer your kids an easy path to seeing what healthy food looks like when it does not compromise on flavour.  You get delectable cuisines like Al’s Butter Chicken, Aussie-inspired cottage pies, Chinese Cashew Chicken, lasagnas, curries, and so much more! 

Perfect for a family of three or four, we believe that due to the simplicity of the meals being ready-to-eat at your doorstep, that customers report actually saving money on our meal plan compared to their previous shopping habits.  It is easy to spend over $1,000 a month trying to feed a family of four – why do all the work preparing and spend that money when you can just pay the Diet Factory the same amount to do it all for you?  Give us a try today, and see if the time you save doesn’t completely change you and your family’s lives.  Cheers to happy family eating!

What's included in this hamper

28 Meals

2 x Cottage Pie 

2 x Kashmiri Style Beef Curry w/ Basmati Rice & Steamed Greens

2 x Poached Citrus Chicken w/ Warm Spiced Sweet Potato & Lentil Salad

2 x Coconut & Lime Crumbed Fish w/ Sweet Potato Chips

2 x Macaroni & Cheese

2 x Penne Arrabbiata

2 x Green Thai Curry

2 x Butter Chicken

2 x Lean Beef Lasagne

2 x Rosemary Infused Lamb Shanks

2 x Chana Dhal

2 x Chickpea Veg Curry

2 x Chinese Cashew Chicken 

2 x Tuna Casserole Bake

Note: Options may change based on availability at time of packing.

Disclaimer * Results can vary person to person and depend upon their personal circumstance

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