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Vegetarian Detox 5 Days

Similar to our 7 day vegetarian weight-loss program, our veggie detox contains 1,200 daily high quality calories.  The quality of the calories are so nutritionally dense that you will not notice a drop in energy.  Rather, you will feel a burst of consistent, long-last energy as your body adjusts to a much healthier diet.  In just 7 days, our meals include the meals below:

1 x Macaroni and Cheese 

1 x Spinach Ricotta Ravioli

1 x Vegetable Lasagne

1 x Veg Cannelloni 

1 x Veg Arrabiatta

1 x Kumara, Eggplant & Coconut Curry

2 x Slow Cooked Chana Dahl 

2 x Chickpea & Veg Curry

**5 Days Breakfast Protein Shakes**


Nutritionally, this is the ideal way our low calorie, high protein diet keeps you energised while cutting fat and adding vital sources of micronutrients.  Our meals are compromised of top-quality ingredients, with a focus on legumes (chicpeas, lentils), healthy cheeses (cottage, ricotta), and seasonal veggies with a combinations of root vegetables and leafy greens.  As a result, even the mac & cheese has a major portion of your DV for Vitamin C.  Why?  The cauliflower sprinkled in for a crunch!


All meals include a highly nutritious vegetable (spinach, peas, carrots, eggplant), with a protein source to keep your iron levels in check.  One of the risks of many vegetarian diet plans is they fail to make up for the nutrients lost by not eating meat – like iron.  However, The Diet  Factory has perfected our meals over the years to where each meal contains a major protein source not from meats.  The result is both irresistible and nutritious!  One more pro-tip: have your morning shake within an hour of waking up – it will keep you going until the afternoon!  Some enjoy it before or after their coffee, too!


If you don’t believe us, check the reviews below.  With a 4.9 average rating, no one has given us less than 4 stars – a testament to our top quality products.  Customers love not having to go through the hassle of ordering takeout or preparing food just to be left with a filthy kitchen to clean up!  Maybe you get some cooking ideas for your own homemade meals from The Diet Factory, but at the very least, let us help you get started on changing your eating habits and life!  We fully support the lifestyle changes and inherent advantages that come with a healthy metabolism promoted by a high protein low calorie diet.  Give The Diet Factory a call today to find out more details about portion size, delivery time, and special deals running!

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Disclaimer * Results can vary person to person and depend upon their personal circumstance

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