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7 Days Vegetarian Weight Loss Plan

Although it may seem like a lot in a day, our 7 day vegetarian weight loss plan is only 1200 calories a day!  However, the quality of the calories are so nutritionally dense that you will not notice a drop in energy.  Rather, you will feel a burst of consistent, long-last energy as your body adjusts to a much healthier diet.  In just 7 days, our meals include the meals below:

2 x Mac & Cheese Bake

1 x Veg Lasagne

1 x Cauliflower & Leek Soup

2 x Spinach Ricotta Ravioli

1 x Kumara Eggplant curry 

2 x Slow Cooked Chana Dal 

2 x Chickpea & Veg Curry 

2 x Veg Arrabiatta

1 x Veg Cannelloni


These meals can be read about individually in the “Our Meals” section, but in the context of a veggie weight loss plan, they essentially add up to a variety of flavourful dishes – from cheesy goodness to perfectly-spiced curry and Dahl.  Each meal includes a nutritional powerhouse (e.g. – spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, lentils, chickpeas, seasonal veggies) and melds with flavourful cheeses, herbs, spices, and rice to create an aromatic, delectable meal for both lunch and dinner!

Usually, what hurts people trying to positively change their eating habits is they get bored of the same meals and taste.  Here at the Diet Factory our options expand to such different cuisines!  The Spinach Ricotta Ravioli, for example can provide an incredibly filling lunch, with each flavour-filled ravioli bite going down easier than the last.  For dinner that night, we might suggest you pair it with a nice soup, like Cauliflower and Leek – which has an incredibly soothing, creamy texture.  One could even could with the chickpea and veggie curry!  We’ll admit, for weight loss plans, The Diet Factory loves no ingredient more than chickpeas 😊

On top of these perfectly portioned, savoury dishes for lunch & dinner, the Diet Factory will provide 7 days-worth of breakfast shakes and snack packs!  These meals are crucial to ensure steady energy throughout the day.  The protein from the breakfast shake will allow any muscle soreness to begin repairing, while the snack packs provide a healthy stabilising factor for dropping blood sugar.  Filled with healthy omega-3 fatty acids, we recommend going after your snack pack around 10 or 11 AM before digging into lunch around 1 or 2.  The breakfast shake should be enjoyed within an hour of waking up.

Remember – while the price tag may seem tough at first, we at the Diet Factory want you to note how much time you save in your day from not having to go out to eat, prepare food, or do dishes and kitchen cleanup.  For some, this switch to the Diet Factory may seem more expensive than their previous diet, but they are not taking into account all the time saved from no food prep or dish cleanup.  The reliability of our service and quality of our perfectly portioned food is what has kept the Diet Factory’s customers happy since 1981.

.Note: Options may change based on availability at time of packing. 

Disclaimer * Results can vary person to person and depend on their personal circumstances. 

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