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SAVER PACK! Try our meals for only $99 Meals included in this deal, Al's Butter Chicken X 2 Cashews Chicken & Veg X 2 Tuna Casserole Bake X 2 Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie X 2 Penne Chicken Pasta Salad X 1 Creamy Chicken Risotto X 1
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What Customers Say

  • The Diet Factory

    Company has been around since 1981 and I have been on and off there meal plans, Food is so yum! and healthy

  • Lost 11 Kgs

    I have been using The Diet Factory meals for a while and so far i lost over 10 kg. Meals are nice tasting and does not seem like diet food.

    -Alan Lowe
  • Quality Food

    I have been trialling Diet factory for few weeks. super convenient and easy people to deal with. definitely worth it. Quality of food is far better then the other companies I have tried in past so 10 out of 10 from me

  • Great Quality

    Great quality, came right as the waiting time, very satisfied!

  • Fantastic

    I am loving my first week. The food is fantastic!! I am about to order for another four weeks

    -David Leapai
  • Weight Loss Plan

    Lost 19 Kgs in 16 weeks so far looking forward to hit the 32 weeks mark!

    -Cya Ovaleni

The Diet Factory, Delivering Healthy Meals Since 1981!